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October 04, 2011


Florida: Today Is the Last Day to Legally Have Sex With Animals

(Thanks to Harry)


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It appears, though, that pigs will still be legal.

If you must buy Florida-sourced bacon, sanitize and cook very well done.

But what if the animal "forces" you?

Will the animal be arrested, or shot?

I'm being outrageous of course, but then, so is PETA.

Hmmmmm, what a world we live in.

Are they talking real animals or men that act like animals? Because I really don't have a problem with the last one. The first one is just wrong.

Does my wife count?

Animal screwelty.

Makin' bacon.

So much for doing the gator.

>pigs will still be legal.

Is this how you get a pregnant chad?

Since Chad is a... hanger, I doubt he'll get pregnant.

Bad news is: bestiality is no longer legal in Fla. Good news is that IT'S ONLY A MISDEMEANOR.

Fornicating With Fauna opened for...wait for it...
The Beastie Boys.


Jeff, leave the ducks alone.

What about Furries?

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