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October 31, 2011


An admitted avocado thief in north San Diego County has been ordered to stay away from any groves bearing the popular fruit and prohibited from possessing more than 10 avocados at a time.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Avocados don't kill people,
People kill people.

Out of my cold dead hands!

The Constitution might as well be toilet paper to these people.

i might have known of a similar case wherein a similar sentence was pronounced regarding pinto beans...

Jeff, First they come for your avocado, then they come for your Rutabaga! When will this end?

Very efficient-- Steal direct from the farm and cut out the middleman.

How much guacamole can he have at once?

What is person is carrying more than ten packets of guacaamoeoek---guwakamole---guakamole oh you know that dip stuff they make from avacados

I just hope Charlie Kaufman does the screenplay of this story.

"And they alllll moved away from me on the Group W bench."

Throws an if up to last post to replace is.

When avacados are outlawed, only outlaws will...

And right now, the Avacado thief is busy working on his four-year plan to steal all the world's avacados

and corner the guac dip market!

Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his shoes (or taste his guacamole).

I fail to see the humor in this thread. Agricultural theft is a serious problem. Approximately a million dollars a year is lost by farmers in San Diego County alone to avocado thieves, not to mention damage to fences and loss of farm equipment.

Here is an article from the San Diego Reader.

Tonight, I will be trick or treating dressed as an avocado rustler.
Suggestions on achieving this effect gladly accepted.

Steve: Dress up as a giant Dorito and whistle nonchalantly whenever you pass by the guacamole.

No, you need an abogado, not an avocado.

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