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October 25, 2011


Measures taken to protect rare bum-breathing turtles in Bundaberg

(Thanks to W. von Papineau)


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When I saw him at the swimming pool, I thought there was something odd about Mickey Dolenz.

Monkees, Turtles. Es same.

♫ I think we're alone now,
The breathing of our bums is the only sound


beaudacious bummer for the bum breathers in Bundaberg.

Soon to be a major Disney or Dreamworks film, as I let my imagination leap off a cliff...

Starring the Mayberry Deputy, David Browning as
"the Incredible Mr. Limpus II: The Bum Breathing Tortise Affair" as sort of a cross between the don Knotts original, and the Man from Uncle.

Australia = home of the weird.

Looks strangely happy for having his nose in his tush.

Geez...there are tons of jokes available about clearing one's throat...but I'll resist...

Awww... I haven't heard the BBTs mentioned in years! I thought they broke up after their saxophone player died of distention.

Politicians are always going to look out for their own.

Have they tried breath mints?

Our dogs are learning to breathe through their bums.
But so far all they've mastered is the exhale.

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