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October 29, 2011


"It is high time that the beaver step aside as a Canadian emblem."

(Thanks to Ralph)

Sounds like retaliation: Beavers destroying farmland south of Ottawa

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Evidently some Canadians take their beavers very seriously.

"The polar bear, its supporters point out, appears on Canada's two-dollar coin, "making it worth 40 beavers."

Maybe in Canada...

Some beaver dams can sit about 2.5 meters tall in areas and there are more than a dozen along the Rideau River shoreline.
OMG! 2.5 meters! How big is a meter?

A meter is 134.2 gigabytes. Those beaver dams have the capacity of more than 250 iPhones.

The beaver is historically symbolic of ambition (viz. the "busy beaver"). Draw whatever conclusions you wish from that.

Baby baby baby oh....

Oops, wrong Canadian pest.

The polar bear is a perfect fit; snarling, but polite and respectful of lawful authority.

Beavers are survivers. Polar bears are threatened by global warming. Me, I'd rather survive...

Oh, nursecindy -- a metre is a yard, close enough.

Pffftttt. Those eastern beavers are pikers compared to their western cousins. This
is a beaver dam.

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