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October 20, 2011


"Nightmare" colonoscopy

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Dave, I have my colonoscopy schedule for next Thursday. Up to about 3 minutes ago I was confident in my decision. Now...


"... Farazli explained that the discomfort is consistent with the type of procedure ..."

Uh huh. I've been through this twice now, and I remember no discomfort. In fact I remember nothing -- I was happily out for the procedure.

The Moviprep beforehand, however, I remember all too well...

Thanks to Dave, I bravely had my first colonoscopy this spring as I reached the big 5-0. I'm in the clear for ten more years. No pain whatsoever. A dear friend had a colon cancer scare that same month, which convinced me not to be a chicken. (My friend is fine after a non-cancerous tumor was surgically removed, but stays vigilant because his mother and brother died from colon cancer.) All joking aside, Dave, thanks for the awareness you bring to screening with a good dose of humor. That said, after reading this article, best to stay out of Ottawa for the test.

1. she was awake?

2. I saw Nightmare Colonoscopy open (so to speak) for Ozzy

The morning of her Colonoscopy, I told my dear wife that the septic tank was backed up and not to worry, I had put in a call to have it pumped out...to just be patient (IYKWIM). As a result, I have now discovered that sleeping on the living room couch is not really all that bad, once you're used to it.


I have one on the 21 of Nov. ICK!

Thank Gawd I will be asleep as I would jump right off the table if ANYTHING were coming for my "back door."

*SMACKS* David the Mohel for his wife. Random, you'll be fine. Maybe the doctor in this story should get a dose of her own medicine, iykwim.

Perhaps govt medicine in Canada doesn't pay for anesthesia during the procdure. Does someone know for sure? IMHO, prep is the 'nightmare.'

I'm more grossed out about equipment that was not cleaned properly. It goes up there! You should have to throw it out afterwards!! Not put it up someone else's bomb bay residue and all.

Thank you, Loudmouth, that's what I was thinking. I think this Key Quote should've been up toward the top of the article:

Public health is alerting nearly 7,000 patients that there is a very low risk they were exposed to hepatitis B, C or HIV.

I'm with Richard....that drink junk was incredibly hard to swallow. The first quart wasn't too bad....but it just go worse and worse. As someone noted above....why the hell weren't they asleep ? I don't remember a thing about he procedure.

We were able to mix ours with lemonade so the taste wasn't bad at all. If was just, as LeDud indicated, that there was so damn much of it.

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