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October 31, 2011


Kim Kardashian files for divorce

(Thanks to jon harris and Jeff Meyerson)


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Here's my facial expression of immense surprise.

I feel the same way Diva. I wouldn't have stayed with her for 10 minutes. I just don't understand why these people are famous.

Given his knowledge of women--is Snooki available?

I read that earlier. She filed for divorce after 72 days of marriage. That just cracks me right up.

Seventy. Two. Days.

No, Kim. Just NO. There was no "careful consideration" of anything either before or after you burned through enough money to feed 200,000 starving African children for ONE FULL FREAKING YEAR on a 3-month whim, you pathetic, attention-seeking *****. You killed my funny, Kim. I cannot find the humor in your life anymore.

I had better get my salt and pepper shakers back! They cost a bunch, and I didn't even get a thank you note!

I agree, Cindy and Diva... I've had a longer relationship with my mechanic than these people seem to have with their spouses. So maybe if everyone stopped paying attention to the pathetic spectacles they make of their lives, we'd all be better off, and could then focus on the truly important things. (Such as, Dave and Ridley wrote a book!)

"I had hoped this marriage was forever but sometimes things don't work out as planned."

Kimmie, Kimmie, who are you kidding? This worked out exactly as planned, only you didn't tell the poor sap you married that he only had a 10 week contract.

Stupid b!tch.

Setting aside the money (which makes any reasonable person want to vomit), am I the only one who believes this entire "marriage" was a complete fake from day one? This just reeks of set-up any way you look at it.

I agree klezmerphan. They are pathetic excuses for a human being. btw, Andy Borowitz also wrote a book and it's now on the NY Times Bestseller List! Ridley and Dave's book will be there next. I also agree with Guin. I sort of wondered if it was a set up for her so called TV show when I first heard about it.

Dammit. Spending all that time shopping for the gravy boat is eight minutes of my life I can never get back...and presumably the gravy boat as well...

I think you can kiss that gravy boat goodbye Afkat.

cindy, the betting line was the over/under on whether the marriage would end before the 4 hour/2 part TV special aired. The over won, but not by much.

Actually, this was pretty funny.

My youngest daughter is getting married in less than three weeks. They've been dating about ten times as long as this travesty lasted.
One never knows what the future holds. As a family, we believe in divorce when appropriate, but there haven't been any in three generations.
No. We do it the traditional way. Wait until the old bag keels over, then go on a tropical vacation.

Her wedding cost $10 million dollars. That works out to something like $134,000 per day.

Why get the milk for free when you can buy the cow?

Goody. She's single again. Will her next move be lesbian or cougarish?

"I just don't understand why these people are famous."

here's a clue: people pay attention to them.

"but mud," you say, "why do they pay attention to them?"

good question!

I blame Paris Hilton.

She was the first to make "famous for being famous" a household phrase.

I for one could care less what this tramp does am very concerned.

Uh, oh, Mikey, I can't hold myself back: Ms. Language Person says, "It's 'couldn't' care less, meaning there is no more less left. As written above, it looks like you have some less left and we'll have to sic Snooki on you, too. And (the Royal) we would NOT like to do that to you." (So glad I got that out; thanks for putting up with me, Mikey.)

The Gabor sisters were the first people I remember who were famous for being famous, but Eva acquitted herself well in Green Acres and Zsa Zsa earned her place in the pantheon of immortals in the title role of The Queen of Outer Space... neither of them made any sex tapes we know about and, even if they did, they're probably kinetoscopes.

[this makes slightly more sense here, than it does in the Snooki comments where I first put it. Serves me right for trying to "work" while also posting.]

" I now pronounce you Dum-Dum and Slut. "

Dave and Ridley wrote a book?

PirateBoy, the wedding cost $10 million and she received $18 million for the TV show about it all, so it was an excellent return on investment. We will not be assaulted with the endless "reality" of the divorce proceedings, details of the pre-nup, etc.

More power to her - she is rich by pandering to the stupidity of the American people!

She made very disappointing decisions from start to end. Celebrity Marriage is so disappointing. What's they're problem, they seemed happy.

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