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October 28, 2011


Rare Smurf artwork up for sale

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Do I want to spend $167,000 for a Picasso or a Smurf painting? I'll take the Picasso. What's red and blue and goes around and around really fast? A smurf in a blender. That joke use to kill me when I was a kid.

Next the Chinese will be trying to corner the market on 'rare smurf.'

Yup, that's a real knee slapper, cindy.

Call me when you get Elvis playing cards with dogs...on velvet.

the things that pass for 'art' when you dont have your gun.

I have a 'rare' print of poodles playing golf. Do I hear a starting bid of $100,000? Anyone??

So a French fascist guy, possibly with Alzheimer's, , who possibly hated women, created the Smurfs?

I guess we all can "make a difference", though we might disagree on what that difference should be or mean!

I think, If I had the money to burn, I'd buy Chick Jones anime cells instead.

Nah, I wouldn't spend that much. They can bid away with their smurf.

That was supposed to be "Chuck Jones". Old fat fingers disease, may be related to Alz, will wait and see.

Smurfs are art? Well, as Ray Stevens said,
"Everything is beautiful, in its own way..."

But I still wouldn't buy or want Smurf "art" around me. Not even Smurf-ete. Too creepy.

I'd get it, but I'd have to take down Dogs Playing Poker to hang it.

i think he was a swiss fascist. i could be wrong.

I thought "smurf" was the sound you make when you're really drunk and you...become unwell into your pillow.
Also, if you puke.

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