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October 05, 2011


How the Olsen Twins can't keep up with demand for their $39,000 alligator backpack - so who on earth is actually buying them?

(Thanks to cyberick)


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Ashley Olsen can carry a $39,000 bag but obviously, from the picture, she can't afford an iron to get the wrinkles out of that shirt.

It's style, cindy, style.

I'm sure Dave has several of these.

It looks like she just pulled the shirt out of the clothes hamper Jeff. Dave may have a few of those but if I were around they would be ironed. I hate wrinkled clothes. Also, I can think of a lot of things I could do with $39,000. Like maybe replace my 12 year old Mercury.

Several, Jeff? There's more of them?

I thought the Olsens were just twins.

Bog help us.

My mistake - I meant that Dave had several of the alligator bags, not Olsen twins.

I agree. I would use $39,000 for other things. Updating one of my vehicles would be good.

Holy crap - that's nearly half the price of my HOUSE. I wouldn't pay $39,000 for a bag even if it came with an Olsen twin to tote it around for me.

Wouldn't a $50,000 Gucci be a better buy for the long haul ?

What kind of camping gear do you put in a $39,000 backpack?

Maybe the bag has some enchantment that will carry almost anything, just like Hermione's purse.

Proven: A sucker is born every minute.

You have to wonder where they're finding all the $ 39,000 alligators.

Are these girls conjoined twins? Has anyone EVER seen them apart? Or with an alligator?

Speaking of suckers, random, what's up with those lemon-puckery lips? And, by the way, they both need to eat a sandwich or something...

The only bag I'd spend that much on is that Spanish gal.
That's an investment that just might pay off.

'It’s never been more complicated to be a girl than it is now,' he said.


Both of those girls are wearing FLAT SHOES!!

Good for them - maybe designers will follow their example. Who would guess the Olsen twins would be striking a blow for women's health in fashion.

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