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October 27, 2011


Do not watch this.

(Thanks to Art)


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Blog guys you should listen to Dave on this one. Unless you don't mind seeing a guy get hit with a tractor tire you-know-where.

Well, then. We didn't want him swimming in the gene pool anyway.

Bwahahahahaha - Brilliant!

Horse and his friend like to throw, blast, launch, propel and hurl stuff at each other’s dong’s in order to garner YouTube hits, and make a living.

Morons indeed. But who pays them for doing this sh!t?

How much would they have to pay you, Jeff? btw, CONGRATULATIONS on the snow you'll be getting tomorrow. Make a snowman for me okay?

Snow. Already. It's 75 here or 23 for you foreign types.

Meh. A real swordsman would've parried the darned thing.

Holy COW. >< WOMEN shouldn't watch this either! Holy smokes.

This means he won't be reproducing, right? So , we're all winners!

Exactly, iain.

cindy, they are only predicting (maybe, possibly) a small amount of snow ("one or two slushy inches") but any snow in October is not acceptable!

We're getting the cold weather tomorrow too. It's 70 degrees right now but the predicted high tomorrow is only 50 degrees with rain! I plan on sitting by the fire tomorrow and crocheting. The doctor said I couldn't knit but he didn't say a thing about crochet.


Why? Just....Why?....

Cindy, be careful! I tried running on my sprained ankle, and that ended up being a terrible move. We don't want you ending up with crocheter's shoulder.

The Jackass effect.

I learn new vocabulary on the Blog--now I can say "liathroidí" instead of balls, nuts, etc.

He's going to need some Fat Tire Ale. A cold one between his legs.

Thanks Elon. I'll be crocheting slowly. Does this mean it's okay to say, "He sure has a lot of liathroidi" ?

I predict that he and his friends will be winning a Darwin Award in the near future. WooHoo for the gene pool.

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