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October 28, 2011


Raccoon cooking leads to meth maker’s arrest

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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That's a pretty creepy mug shot ..

MOTW, he looks like he was using his brother's product at the time.

Good morning, Jeff. Yes, it's sad what drugs make people do.

"well, Andy, this is another fine meth you've gotten us into" was overhood by officers booking both brothers.

Now, that what they call hitting two birds with one stone.

He bought cold medicine "three dozen times in the past year"? What exactly is the point of treating every cold medicine buyer with extreme suspicion, if this sort of thing happens anyway?

Straight from Reno 911.


Hey, grilled raccoons make good eatin'!

--Granny Clampett

MOTW, that kid is definitely better off without the parents. Frankly, the kid would be better off if they abandoned it to the coyotes.

Honest, Officer, that's not MY raccoon! I swear to God! This guy ran up and threw it into my backyard! But it's NOT MINE! This isn't FAIR! Owoooo! The cuffs are too tight! Lemme go! (etc., etc. -- see any episode of COPS for more.)

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