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October 28, 2011


Cut-price vasectomy deal snapped up

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Paging Dr Snook, Dr Fine, Dr Snook! I loved the detailed description of the 'no-scapel' method.

"Today you'll pay just $275 for a vasectomy from Snip Vasectomy Clinic to take the lead out of your pencil, the butter out of your bangers and mash, the sparkle out of your crown jewels... you get the picture," the ad read.

Is this really the kind of ad that would make you get the operation? If someone said, "a simple snip will take the lead out of your pencil" I'd be out of there like (to quote the late great Dean Wormer) sh!t through a goose.

this is as good as the door to door breast exams.

oh, there is one born every minute.

They could use better marketing.

If they would only emulate Crazy Eddie's...

The holiday ads would be hilarious!

$275 -- does that include the tip?

$275 for a couple of bricks and a bit of whiskey. And the whiskey is to cleanse the wound. "There may be some discomfort for awhile." Even 40 years later, the memory of that discomfort still can send me into fetal position.

So prices were slashed?

Blue balls special.

Another no-snip method. Warning: blood and gore.

First time the coupons clipped back.

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