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October 28, 2011


Canada urged to swap beaver emblem for bear

Related Update: 2 Calgary schools ban scary Halloween costumes

(Thanks to The Perts)


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"Parents of the students are being asked to swap violent or scary costumes for more “caring” outfits instead."

Halloween is about 'caring' about candy. Full Stop.

paging ned flanders...

G-d save us from the politically correct.

Canada cannot change emblems. Robin Sparkles would have to change her song about the Beaver. By the way, either I am twisted or that song was one of the nastiest songs that ever got by the TV censors. ha.

How about kids wear a Polar Bear costume with a bloody beaver in the mouth to that school.

Polar Bear fur coats are much cooler than beaver fur coats.

Well speaking as a proud Canadian, there is NO WAY we are giving up, as our emblem, the beaver (insert off-colour joke here).

Besides, polar bears are nasty, brutish, cannabilistic (sp?) creatures, and they smell bad. They look cute in Coke commercials. But in real life, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter one closely, the first thing through their mind when spotting you is "Lunch!"...

The second thing is...well, not to worry...you're already dead. Polar bears make Grizzlies look like humanitarians.

(I initially typed "pussies" in place of humanitarians, but that would have brought up the whole beaver joke thing again)

I misread that as "beer" and, from the few Canadians I've known, it made much more sense.

I'm right behind you Afkat. Especially if we're ever visiting together and encounter a polar bear.

Polar bears are just honky grizzlies.

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