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October 30, 2011


Sorry: It's taken.

(Thanks to Kenneth Sörling)


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that IS excellent. cant get any better...

They look miserable.

Turd of Joy would be more excellent. Turds of Ennui, also.

If that's taken, how about " Unhappy Floaters " ?

Judging from that picture, it might be about time for "Sons of T. of M."

Somehow, you just know Taco Bell figured large in this.

They opened for Creative Incontinence.

sounds better in french. merdes de misere. or not.

I wonder how bad they sound.

I once played in the Worlds Worst Rock Band. This name pretty much describes how we sounded.

I was wondering that myself, Theresa! I doubt if they have any gold records. At least none that they spray painted themselves.

I wonder when the photo was taken. They don't look contemporary.

Mazar, HOw can you tell someone is constipated contemporary?

I think mudstuffin used to play with these guys.

JSG - I bow before your Turds of Ennui. Fan-damn-tabulous. I can't stop saying it out loud and laughing like the idiot I am proving myself to be a hyena.

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