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October 28, 2011


Students and staff at a school near Uppsala in eastern Sweden were shocked to see one of the school cafeteria staff performing an erotic pole dance in response to complaints about inedible food.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Yeah,but the elk started it.

I'll need a photo of the employee to know if disciplinary measures should be taken

Blog guys just think back on the lunch ladies of your youth and then ask yourself if you really would want to see any of them doing a pole dance.

That doesn't make sense. Why would you go into a pole dance if the food wasn't any good.

I wonder if the principal had to call the offending lunch lady into his office for (ahem) a little disciplinary session.

Don't ruin our fantasies with facts, cindy. We can dream!

That's why they call it strip steak.

Funny...talk about unorthodox. A pole dance is the last thing you would expect to happen in a school cafeteria. The upside, food problems will now be addressed. I wonder what happened to the cafeteria lady.

WHAT are they putting in the Swedish Water, rivers and streams?

"What? Swedish strip steak again?" students complained.

The article did not indicate whether the "dancer" was
a man or woman, or if any clothing garments were removed. But it could give a whole new (gross) meaning to "Swedish meatballs"...

Was the Pole offended ?

Bet the hair net really added to the eroticism.

Oh yeah.

In a related story, a parent who went to the same school to register a complaint about their sex ed program was promptly served a plate of Salisbury steak.

Cindy, that was my first thought, too. But having family in Sweden, I have learned that much of the work akin to cafeteria worker is performed by young ladies who have left Eastern Europe to seek their fortune (I would write some other things there also and cross them out, but don't know how it's done). Half the guys in my daughter-in-law's hometown are married or shacked up with girls who came from Poland to "pick berries." Someone more clever than I can probably also get some humor out ot the double-Pole thing.

I picture Chris Farley doing his Lunch Lady dance with all the dancing vegtables. On second thought never mind

< s t r i k e > (and < / s t r i k e > ) Larry, just get rid of those spaces so it will work.

On topic though, put an attractive female pole dancing in front of most high school males and they will eat re-fried feces if you put it on a plate in front of them. At least the male portion of the student body would have been fed, giving enough time to thaw out the pancakes for the females.

Is there a non-erotic pole dance? If so, I do NOT want to see it.

It's illegal to pole dance in school inprotest? No wonder my students wear all going to their counselors after class.

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