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October 28, 2011


Swede shocked by backyard elk 'threesome'

Related Update Indicating the Elk Community Is Livlier Than We Thought: Drunken elk hides kids' swing set in a tree

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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Key sentence: "I'd never seem anything like it. Not with elk, at least."

Can't you spell seen?

'dems some fine apples.

Some of my relatives belonged to the Elks. This explains a lot.

“An older bull would never try to mount a cow in a wide-open residential backyard at this time of year,” he said.

So...what time of year would be appropriate then?

The drunken elk probably thought it was a sex toy for the orgy he had planned, but the others had started without him, at a different location.

“Elk don't mount one another just for the heck of it like some other animals,” he [Grängstedt] said.

I beg to disagree; I know some 'Lodge' Elks that do!

And The Local now has a Norwegian edition.

Actually, those are moose, not elk.

This is what happens in a godless European country. American elk would never degrade themselves like this.

my sister was once attacked by a moose....

I always had my doubts about Bullwinkle.

Clearly, our missionaries have been abject failures at reaching the Swedish elks. Positionally speaking.

In Sweden, elk = moose

queensbee, did you mean to say that a møøse once bit your sister?

They need to consult an expert.

Dr. Ruth and Dr. Drew say it's OK.

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