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October 28, 2011


Girl on way to driver's exam crashes into exam building

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Expert journalism: drove the car she was driving

Where IS everyone this morning?!

That's pretty bad.


This is what passes for excitement in South Dakota, I guess. She probably fell asleep at the wheel.

Ohh, I guess she doesn't need to take the exam now.

In her defense, she said she thought it was a drive-thru.

She should have gotten Daddy to buy her one of these...

Soon (within five years) I'd be surprised if you won't be allowed to drive a car that can't drive itself.

She's about 70 years too young to be doing stuff like that.

Are we sure the building had the right of way?

They have curbs in S. Dakota?

Probably drunk some of the 10 cent coffee at Wall Drugs before getting in the car.

She was blinded by the snow. That's one of the Great White North states, isn't it?
And why couldn't she "stop jumping the curb"? How many times did she hit the blamed thing?

Something there is that doesn't love a wall....

Oops. She thought it was the exam for the driving crash course.

Does that make her a test crash dummy.

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