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October 29, 2011


Miami cop accused of driving 120 mph in squad car to off-duty job

(Thanks to B'game)


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120 on the Turnpike? Pffffffft! Where did he think he was? The parking lot at Publix?

*makes note to never visit a Fla. Publix*
A couple of years ago a pickup truck blew by me going about 80 mph in a school zone. They had a yellow light on their dashboard and, if I hadn't known better, looked like they were going to an emergency call. I was a part time paramedic at the time and hadn't heard any calls go out so I followed the driver all the way to the volunteer fire department where he pulled in and parked. I pulled up behind him and asked him just what in the heck he thought he was doing. I was also the instructor for First Responders at the time so he recognized me immediately. He didn't have an answer. We suspended him for 90 days and I told him to put his little yellow light in a closet. There is just no excuse for this. The First Responder that I caught could have easily caused a wreck or hit a child.

Only BMW's are allowed to blow by traffic that fast.

Don't worry, cindy. All you have to worry about in the Publix parking lot is having a blind old person smash into your car with either his car or his shopping cart.

That's why we always park at the other end of the lot from the store entrance. If you can walk on your own without assistance you are way ahead of the game.

Back in the Middle Ages when I was a teenager, I was late for an appointment. I pushed my father's car up to 110 mph when, suddenly, I heard a police siren.
My heart nearly exploded through my nose and I let up on the gas. I was dead. Daddy would kill me (figuratively. I'd be grounded; same thing for a teenager).
As soon as my speed dropped below 108, the siren stopped. It was the wind blowing under the hood making the noise.
Suddenly, a car passed me doing at least 120. It was the guy I had the appointment with.
He got there first, and welcome to it.

Clankie, Only onthe Autobahn.

If you are going 90 on the Autobahn, Old golf carts fly by you.

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