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October 05, 2011


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Food Market of the Day.

(Thanks to queensbee)

(Edited by the s.b. -- Does this link work?)


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You can't post your email Dave... You know, unless you also post your inbox password.

It just takes me to a Google site.

The Blog is cleverly enforcing its strict policy.

Bad link.

Google *this*, Batman!

Judi will of course be fired.

My company STOMPED on that link!

We can't read your personal email despite our best efforts.

Ha Ha Ha, I don't get it...

Yay! Judi fixed the link. Dave should give her a large raise. As for the grocery store, I think I'll stick with Food Lion.

thanks judi.. i just realized the original link din work - then i was in a boring mtg for 2 hrs. so muchas gracies.

Any good food at the meeting queensbee?

You can't beat their meat.

Funny! How do they get these names?

The windows are boarded up to hide the salami.

SNORK@ Lazy...

all meetings are boring cindy. and this one - byo coffee. that was it. so, thanks to judi for fixing it. meetings are dulllllllllllll. how can i get my work done if i have to keep meeting and talking about getting my work done, huh??? and leaves me less time to read this blog.

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