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October 29, 2011


Two managers at a local Domino’s Pizza have been charged with arson in the Oct. 20 fire that charred the interior of one of their competitors, Papa John’s pizzeria of Lake City.

(Thanks to Robert Mathis)


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Can't wait to see that show up on the tracker in Times Square.

Jimmy, the new employee, was working "take-out". Apparently he thought it mean "take out the competition"....so he got some help and did! What a &*^! kid!

Dave, you forgot to say "guess the state".

A distant echo of the pizza wars between Rome and Carthage.

Hey, come on, these guys deserve Entrepreneurs of the Month awards, not jail. That's what I call initiative.

They had that wonderful American trait: fiery ambition.

Employees of the month, indeed. They didn't even rat out their boss for the bonuses to do it.

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