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October 31, 2011


Snowball triggers assault at UNH by man dressed as Captain Morgan

(Thanks to Bear, who suspects that alcohol might have been involved)


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I thought proper snowball etiquette was to return fire with a similar sized snowball. I don't think you're supposed to beat the tar out of the them. Of course I live in the south so I could be wrong.

Captain Morgan carries a sword; under a recently passed law he could have used it. If snowballs are outlawed....

I'm waiting for the Black Friday sale at Grenades "R" Us.

Why was this under the headline "Presidential Primary"?

Was Herman Cain involved?

Black fedora, chinstrap beard. Sounds like either a can of either kosher or Amish whup-ass.

Oh Captain, my Captain!

(Have Joy!)

MOTW left a message for you on the thread with the video of Zoe

last ball for alkiehol.

It sounds like the Amish attacker had a little Captain in HIM, too...

Guy like that should be easy to find. Arrrr !

Never mess with a pirate even in a costume.

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