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October 30, 2011


To understand this clip, you'll need to recall this blog post. What you don't see in this video is the wienermobile photo; this time Dave shows it at the wrong time. Ridley enjoys this.


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Karma will get you every time.

You can never get too much Wienermobile.

Why weren't there any cute guys like these two when I was in high school? I was the Head Cheerleader for two years and also the lead majorette! I would definitely have been happy to go to the prom with either one of them.

Ridley didn't seem too shocked. Perhaps it was a set up? You know, weiner payback.

honestly, not a setup (unless they are both better actors than i think!) i think ridley forgot the weinermobile photo was there, as he always does ;) and when it showed up, he just lost it.

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