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October 05, 2011


Driver says squirrels made him crash into garage

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Yesterday a squirrel tormented my poor little Lab, Daisy, by running back and forth across my front porch while she watched it through the glass door. I think they know what they're doing.

You should have let her out, cindy.

I have to wonder if alcohol played a part in the crash. Or texting.

That outcome probly exceeded those squirrels' wildest dreams. Bet they were dancing and high-fiving.

Jeff, the last time I let Daisy out like that she brought a half eaten rabbit home and I got sick.

If alcohol was involved it would have been present on the police report.

Running across the street and causing a wreck automatically gets a squirrel into the Club.

I found squirrels much easier to tolerate when you just relaxed on the porch with a big ol' ice tea, watched their silly antics, and then shot them with a .22.

Nice website HAMS! Will reading it really make me taller, slimmer, better looking and fabulously wealthy?

And this squirrel crashed the party.

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