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September 22, 2011


That's not the only thing you should be worried about.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Bout ready to head home for dinner....don't think I'll watch this one.......

People in the air: Do not look down. People on the ground: Do not look up.

So you mean that stuff on my car might NOT be bird poop?....

another reason not to eat the yellow snow....

Uh, @rayadverb, judi should be fired for forgetting to remind you about the Do Not Click This Link tag.

Just hope they were passing over Geraldo Rivera...

They say the Inuit have forty terms for different kinds of precipitation. Is this one covered?

"Puked up" his breakfast? Wasn't it more like puking DOWN?

The answer my friend is blowing chunks in the wind,
The answer is throwing in the wind.

Looks like the time I ate fair food, got on the Scrambler and christened the ground...over and over.

Also those tough guy newsmen who get a ride with the Blue Angels and end up puking in their air masks.

'the ambiguosly gay


Has anyone mentioned whether "Puking Hang Gliders" WBAGNFARB?

makes a pretty good case for putting an eject button on hang gliders

So why did we all want flying cars ?

Well this wipes out breakfast, maybe lunch. gotta learn to quit reading this stuff in the a.m.

coulda been worse. coulda had the trots.

Apparently he doesn't like being a "top." NTTAWWT

"Look, up in the sky... it's a satellite!"
"It's a hang glider"
"It's a... oh, my God, run!"

I just hope this guy's breakfast landed on someone's Hogan Scarpe footwear.

Has everyone got their steel reinforced umbrellas today? I remember when Skylab was falling. I was at school and a bunch of us were standing and watching a large piece of it going across the sky over the school parking lot. I walked around for a week with my hands over my head.

Told you so.

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