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September 23, 2011


A Chinese daredevil wowed crowds as he effortlessly pulled a hefty car for more than ten meters... using just his ears.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Why does this remind me of the woman pulling the dog behind her car?

Florida license?

If I had a dime for every time I've had to help sew someone's ears back on after they tried this. OUCH!

Maybe their brains need to be donated to science. I would be interested in looking at that.

Damit, can you hear me now?!

I'm betting he's single, cindy.

Just saying.

I tried to get in, but I was rejected due to a pre-existing condition.

WTF? Wrong thread, sorry.

A Chinese daredevil walks into a bar. The bartender asks him: "Hey, why the long ears?"

but didn't wang pull it off first?

(the feat that is)

Which ear indicates he's gay?

Really, guys? No Obama jokes yet?!

Aural fixation?

Hello, ONSTAR...?

Makes you wonder why basset hounds don't pull Budweiser trucks.

I think the Chinese guy who did this using his male organs instead of his ears, and the Chinese guy who did this with his eyeballs instead of his ears are tougher! Ear puller guy is just showing off!


Another dumb Joke (TM)...

A Chinese daredevil walks into a bar and asks for a keg.

The bartender exclaims "You seriously can't drink a whole keg by yourself. Are you pulling my leg?"

Chinese daredevil says "It's child's play! Your leg lot smaller and lighter that car pull."

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