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September 25, 2011


The male Siberian hamster, for example, experiences a swelling of the testes up to almost 17 times their normal size when the days get shorter.

(Thanks to B'game, who says "This explains Mick Jagger.")


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They are known for this distinctive bluish tint of their fur (not fur).

Some men have the same problem when certain women's skirts and necklines get shorter.

They know a looooong night's coming. Watch out ladies.

So that explains our daughter's two male hamsters.
I didn't know what sex they were until they turned around.
My first thought was "That exercise wheel will kill them in one night."

So, "hung like a hamster" isn't the insult we always thought it was, eh?

ScottMGS? Yes it is. Steve, it's easy to tell the sex of an animal. Just turn it upside down and look at it's paws. If they're pink it's a girl. If they're dark it's a boy. I thought everybody knew that.

Same thing happens to my uncle Stan. We use him to seal driveways.

17 times? of course, kinda miniscule to start with - imagine a litttle teeeny hamster with the balls of a st bernard. there's a picture.

wolfsong - you related to bill brasky?

No, not this week.

"This hamster is suffering from ESS - Enlarged Scrotum Syndrome...

Your testicles are like a balloon. Sometimes they are empty. (inflates balloon) Sometimes they are full. And sometimes ... (pokes balloon with a pin) ... they can explode."

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