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September 08, 2011


This is what happens.

Since Ridley and I are pretty much incoherent in the video, here's the context: During our book tour for The Bridge To Never Land, we've been presenting a slideshow. Near the beginning, there's a picture of me with the Wienermobile and my son, Rob. Later on in the slideshow we had set up a joke, wherein Ridley, who was talking about something else, would suddenly show another picture of the Wienermobile. I won't go through the joke here, but trust me, it was funny.

The problem was, Ridley could never remember that the second Wienermobile slide was in there. So instead of setting up the joke, he'd launch into a lengthy anecdote about what he thought was the next slide, a photograph of NASA astronaut Cady Coleman reading one of our books in the International Space Station. Ridley would go through this big buildup about space, then push the button for the next slide, and there would be... the Wienermobile! This would be followed by puzzled looks from the audience, then Ridley turning to look at the screen and flinching violently at the sight of the Wienermobile, then 30 seconds of Ridley attempting to stammer out an explanation, getting no help from me, because I was busy trying not to wet my pants.

So anyway, that's what we're discussing in this incoherent video, which was shot in Mission Viejo, California, on a night when Ridley had finally remembered the second Wienermobile slide.

You kind of had to be there. 


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naturally. my stupid office has this video blocked. i'll check back from home, later, even tho i have a break now and am in the mood to watch something funny, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

They are so tired things are extra funny. Slap happy.

Yes, slap happy, but still very funny. Maybe you did have to be there--but we were all cracking up (as quietly as possible to avoid being on the video!) Thanks for coming to MV, Dave! People here really enjoyed your visit.

Basically, queensbee, it has Dave trying to explain it but doubling over with laughter...and perhaps wetting himself (we don't see that part).

I love the video! I also like how you finish each other's sentences. Like an old married couple. NTTAWWT.

Ridley wrote a book?

Maybe he has some advice for Dave, so Dave can get published!

Like Dude:

Not every brownie in CA should be eaten.

Snork at Cheesewiz. Slap-happiness and brownie-induced silliness *is* pretty indistinguishable, though.

DAve? Ridley? Was alcohol involved?

Don't answer. We know. Next time...Depends.

"Wet My Pants" WBAGN for a comedy album, or a new column article by Dave. Or a really funny rock band.

No shot of Peter Pan with the Wienermobile... ?

Aren't Depends wonderful, Dave?

*grabs TP just in case*

If alcohol wasn't involved, then I'd be scared.

What Suzy Q said.

Sounds like another round of gift underwear is in order... Whose town is next?

And a Florida licence is on its way to the Weinermobile.

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