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September 30, 2011


New York Abandons Eye Exams For Driver's Licenses

The state will allow people to certify that they can see, rather than actually taking an exam

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I'm seeing double.

Me too. Can I have my license now ?

double vision - and dave has a FLORIDA DRIVER'S LICENSE :)

Considering how most New Yorkers drive, I don't think this will change anything. Also, laugh all you like Floridians, but where do you think these drivers will go when they retire?

True story: Many years ago my dad needed glasses but couldn't afford them so when the NYS DMV gave him his eye test he just rattled off random letters.....he passed the exam.....

So much for the guy who ran over 2 little girls because he thought they were trash cans....

My in-laws' friend (in Florida, of course) had his car smshed by an elderly woman (heck, they were ALL elderly) who back directly into him. When he asked her, "didn't you see my car?" her answer was, "I'm legally blind."

True story.

Two items:

1) I took the Georgia eye test without my glasses and was told I needed to wear my glasses to drive. I have reading glasses. I can't see more than 3 feet with them, but I can can read a newspaper at 5 feet without them.

2) I used to work near the Alabama Blind Industries in Talladega. You DID NOT want to be near their parking lot at quitting time.

I flunked my eye exam when I renewed my drivers license last year. I thought I was doing pretty well until the examiner told me they liked for people to keep both eyes opened when driving. I was using my good eye for the eye test. I blame years of reading good books like Dave's and Ridley's books. I have also read some of Stephen King's books in the dark with only a flashlight. Usually when I've been camping. btw, NEVER read Dean Koontz's book "TickTock" when you're camping. Trust me.

My eyes are fine, and so are the seeing eye dog's, so gimme my damn license or I'll hit you with my white cane.

The Helen Keller Rule finally passed. Equality for all.

Turnabout is fair play. Kentucky took my mother's word for it when she told the DMV that she was blind.

So they frankly concede that this is a scheme to increase state revenues by making it easier to renew on-line?

This opens the door to a wonderland of revenue-enhancers. Trial expenses? Nah...just cross your heart and swear you didn't do it.

I was getting my license in Hawaii when an older Japanese man failed the eye test in front of me. He was very irritated and waited as it was my turn. As I read of the letters in order, he paid close attention then demanded a re-test, without realizing that the letters are scrambled for each subsequent test. He read back the letters exactly as I had seen and read them. This drew a chuckle from several DMV employees and myself...

Will they have a Braille version of this, like they do at the drive up ATMs?

I was waiting in line at a Florida driver license office, and there was an old guy ahead of me who had just passed the eye test and gotten his license. After he left the counter he was bumbling around something fierce because he couldn't find the door to get out. That really ought to be part of the test.

I would think the Florida DMV would be a good place to film a kind of "Scared Straight" documentary. Look at these people with licenses and you'll never drive again!

Blog folks let's think about this - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could self-certify everything. I self-certify that I paid all my taxes.

Remind me to avoid any car with a NY license plate.

Now that is odd. I posted again before - Cuomo is reconsidering this briliant plan - and now it disappeared.

Is there a reason my posts keep disappearing? That is two now.

One more try: Cuomo reconsiders.

So, when they go in to get their first license, can they just certify that they can drive, without having to take that test, too?

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