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September 25, 2011


A woman was arrested on burglary charges after being found standing in a person’s garage naked with items loaded in the back of a truck, Collier County sheriff's deputies say.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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She couldn't find the time to also steal a pair of clothes?

I used to know people who did lots of meth. From their perspective, this scene would be perfectly logical.

Elon, I agree. If you're going to commit a crime, and you really suck at it and will probably end up in jail, put some clothes on first!

Obviously she works for Naked Lady Movers (a subsidiary of Furniture Strippers). Probably the "victim's" husband hired her and didn't want to admit it to his wife.

As with most men, it matters little WHY a woman is naked. Only that she IS naked.
However, in this case, meth may be suspected.

None of this is a crime in France.

Maybe she thought she was invisible.

That photo makes her look like not only did she fall out of the ugly tree, she hit a few branches on the way down.

I don't know pb. I bet she'd clean up kinda nice. She's definitely not a fall so the orange doesn't do a thing for her.

I'm shocked! Pirateboy are you saying you would not want to see her naked? markhh, that's exactly why I don't wear orange. It clashes with the red hair. I'm a fall, btw.

Guess the state.....again.

*snork*@ Max

She wasn't naked, she was nekkid. According to the late great Lewis Grizzard, naked means you ain't got any clothes on; nekkid means you ain't got any clothes on and you're up to somethin'.

NC: Nope! I'm not that picky, but I prefer a women to have an IQ somewhere in the upper 1/3 of the population. If she can't think for herself, what's the point?

I dated a "deer the the headlights" woman once. It was actually pretty sad. She told me, seriously, that she didn't watch the news, or read a newspaper, because she doesn't understand all that fancy talk about the nation's economy.

When I first met her, I thought her eyes twinkled. I didn't realize that signal occurred after her brain told her it was "full", and shut down.

PB I dated a guy once that was gorgeous. All my friends kept telling me how lucky I was because he was so cute. He was also as dumb as a bag of hammers. They thought I was crazy when I broke up with him. Looks fade. Dumb goes on forever.

Grand theft blotto?

I'm with PirateBoy. Every time I see studies saying men don't like smart, accomplished women, I laugh. Marrying, dating, or standing next to a bimbo holds no appeal.

Actually PB I thought she looked surprisingly attractive for a [insert some drug, probably meth] addict. Most people don't look their bests for mug shots...

Wait a minute... the truck full of "items" was backing into the garage? Deliveries are illegal in Florida??

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