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September 22, 2011


Men Feel Worse Than Women When Sick

(Thanks to Don Faber)


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You poor babies! I guess you would appreciate us putting you out of our your misery then? Here's a wet washcloth. You're going to need it.

See, it is true, Iknew it. The little lady will be reading this before the sun goes down. Oh but Cindy, I will hide the .380 before I make her read it. ha And I have not yet taught her how to load the shotgun. hmm, hope she did not learn on the internet.

"...there are more differences in males and females than previously thought, a discovery that could spur profound medical innovations."

DUH and I hope they come up with something more profound that what's currently hawked on TV.

Yeah, I remember being in the delivery room and telling the doc, "Hey, she gets drugs, I get drugs. Hell, I'm paying for them, I should get at LEAST half the painkillers you're giving HER." Frickin' cheap hospital.

Men are SUCH whiners when they're sick. Take aspirin, go back to bed, and QWITCHER BITCHIN.

Owwww. Hangnail. I'm going hom...damn already work here.

I think my all time favorite poet, Ogden Nash, said it best. I'm sure most of the blog guys will agree with him.

oh please. just stfu. have some hot soup. are ya bleedin from some orefice? if not, please.

Let me ask you this, ladies. Who suffers more from PMS? Huh?

Actually, I have a pretty high pain threshold (or is that threshhold?) and try not to complain too much when I'm sick. I usually just go in the other room and suffer in as much silence as I can.

Ask my sisters if you don't believe me, but my mother is the world's worst nurse. After a day she'd basically say, "you're better, get up and go to school" even if you had 104 temperature and were puking all night.

Well, isn't that the truth. I have been listening to that for years. When I was in the delivery room many years ago you would of thought my husband was having a baby. My back was just killing me. It felt like it was on fire. I was in so much pain and in labor for a very long time. They didn't do cesarean's in the hospital I was in and so I tried like hell until I gave birth. All the time my husband started having a back pain so bad he claimed he couldn't stand it and had to leave the room. Too funny. Poor thing.

*exchanges Theresa's "would of" for a more appropriate "would have," and plucks the extraneous apostrophe from "cesareans" as it is plural, not possessive."

Don't disgorge Theresa, I injoy hur presents, tho Im' not shore she relizes this is a humor blog.

I know this is late but I really hope that Theresa see's this. Don't pay any attention to The Nitpick and Mazar Larry. Guy's be nice! Theresa don't let them run you off. I'm really disappointed in both of you, Nitpick and Mazar Larry.

and all this time i thought poor old husband was suffering so much worse than me because in addition to HAVING the flu is the fact that he's NOT SUPPOSED to get sick.

HA! Good story, Theresa. I got my husband back, though. I threw up on him - twice!

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