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September 25, 2011


They are everywhere.

(Thanks to funny man)


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We'll drive a million miles,
to take your case.
So if you've been knocked low,
turn off your radio,
The word's we'll use are strong.
We'll make you some money.
So now the lawsuit's on!
Oh baby, sue with me!

We'll have some fun alright!
We'll all Wang Chung tonight.
We'll take their money like thieves in the night.
They'll be Wang Chunged tonight.

Ding dong.

In his Vera Wang suit,

Mr. Wang was a hoot,

You see he'd drank too much at the ChinaBar

and now his Wang was his emptying...

figure it out yourself!

You know those signs about not feeding the animals?

Probably pronounced "wong." It's wrong to say wang, it's wong.

I hope this law firmness can diversify, perhaps by adding a female partner. Named Johnson.

Part of that vast, right-Wang conspiracy.

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