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September 21, 2011


Several witnesses called police Friday morning to report a woman driving in her car with a small dog attached by a leash, driving at speeds of 10 to 15 mph.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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"Police said they found an expired concealed carry permit belonging to Zalk that had been issued in Florida."

Ya just knew Florida was gonna come into this somewhere, didn't ya?


I bet nursecindy will volunteer to drive at more than 15 mph running this woman with a leash around her neck, eh cindy?

Mrs. Griswold?

10 mph is not very fast for a dog, unless Chihuahua are particularly slow.

Do they have a continuous running treadmill cell for this broad?

That poor little dogs legs couldn't hack something like that. Where are people's brains? Ooooops, I guess this person didn't have one.

Meh. This is nothing. We see it all the time in the winter in FloriDUH.....only on golf carts. Can you spell l-a-z-y??

The worst is the dog in the stroller.... aaacckkk!

I would love to take her for a walk, Jeff! I'll bet she could go at least 35-40 mph for a few miles.

DO NOT hire this woman to dogsit -- it wasn't her own dog. I don't know what attracts these idiots to Boulder, really hurts the image as a peacenik, ultra-liberal town. Boulder also was the place where another woman was convicted of animal cruelty after she duct taped her boyfriend's dog to the fridge.

I see she gets her hair done at that new salon, oh, what's the name?

She should not be handling animals at all, that poor Chihuahua, If I was the dogs owner, I'd be furious.

How come the reporter didn't interview Paris Hilton for an expert opinion?

Too lazy to walk the dog? Tie it to the car and drive around.

Too lazy to carry a gun? Bluff your way through it.

Too lazy to think? Go to jail and do not collect $200.

Seriously, I don't approve her methods and someone should do that to her, but she's likely too dumb to
"get it."

I once saw a man with a cockatoo...a bird not a strange joke. Anyway, the man was on a motor scooter and the bird was on a leash-type lead. The bird was flying exactly in time with the scooter, even on turns.
I don't think that was the bird's first "walk".
But it seemed to be enjoying it.
I know I did.

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