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September 24, 2011


Offenders in Ala. town can choose jail or church

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Hmm... Wait, do we get to choose which church?

I suffered that particular punishment for 18 years. I think I'll choose jail.

Maybe try a nondenomenational church? They do a lot of singing. Good for the soul.

Either way, you need conviction.

Um, I'll trade for the curtain, Monty.

*warms up geezer bus*

Easy choice.

which 'House of the Rising Sun' will he chose?


You do get to choose, but the news report I heard said you have to report weekly, or it's kiss the jail matron. In jail.

What I would like to know, if the choice is pre-ordained, or limited, to certain "churches",
or do you get to choose any legitimate church?

I'd think, if ever in that situation, I'd choose Church's.

The chicken place would not be hard to visit weekly.
fried fowl. Mighty tasty, although

...could be a death sentence in it';s own way...

Too late, Jeff. The current LMaD sucks. Wayne Brady is no Monty Hall. Jonathan Mangum (the announcer) is no Jay Stewart. And NOBODY can replace Carol Merrill.

Come on down to my Church! I'll scare the h3ll out of you!

The choice would have been a church in Big Hill, KY, the "Church of Jesus Christ of the Very, Very Narrow Path". The preacher ran out of room writing across the building at the first "Very" and had to draw an arrow down to the rest in smaller letters.
You'd think the Lord would have seen that coming.

Can you say "unconstitutional?" Good. I knew you could.

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