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September 21, 2011


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting Today's Featured Mystery Series.

(Thanks to Brian Jones)


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Harry Baals could not be reached for comment

His brother, Claude Baals could reached for comment. He said, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!"

must be one of those deep novels

Opening line: "It was a dark and stormy sight."

what's so funny?

beats me.

i haven't a clue.

c'mon you guys, there's a fingerprint on the bird for cryin' out loud.

You boys stop that

Stop what?

You know what she's talking about.

There was a teacher in my high school named Harry Mann. And I knew someone who had a colleague by the name of Dick Rash. And...but no, I'd better stop. If I tell you about that football physical trainer named Dick Tucker, the floodgates will just open wide.

Hey, I made it through 8 years of Catholic school with Dick Payne.

oops, sorry about the fake name above

padraig, there's a shot for that now.

Why should our strict policy apply? Harry Hole is a fictional character, and the author either meant the entendre or is a blithering idiot. Either way, we should wave the policy.

Elon, are you waving Harry Hole or waiving Harry Hole.

The sequel is set in Brazil.

What's so funny?


I forget a letter every now and then, particularly when I need to concentrate all my spell checking efforts on tomorrow's major presentation.

gee, i only went to school with dick hertz. i think he was in the car biz. there was another guy ben dover, but that may be a different story.

I'm still here, making a living at pro golfing, which means I'm still swinging!

The cover! Hilarious. Contains the following quote:

"Reading the Redbreast is like watching a movie"-USA TODAY

No, reading a book is like reading a book. Watching a movie is like watching a movie. I hope this "quote" was taken "out of context" because it makes USA TODAY
reviewers look like idiots.

and despite the rumnor, Harry Baals did not have a red breast. (Unless you count that unfortunate incident at Kentucky Fried's drive through.,)

Wait, wait...Harry Hole is an asshole? Then how does (it) solve crimes? And why is his partner standing ready over a motorcade in Norway? And why is there never enough toilet paper in (Europe's) Water Closets?

I think this mystery is...why would you buy this, when you can find REALLY fun mysteries by stephen King, Harlen Corbin and others...

Psss.t Don't tell anyone, but someone we all know has written a mystery or two. Even got them published!

Maybe Dave should talk to him, and get some pointers.

All joking aside, these novels are terrific. I've read the first three published in English. I have the next three and wish the jerks at the publishing house would translate the very first two. They are Norwegian and set in Oslo. According to the publishers, Hole is pronounced "Hooley" in Norwegian.

Thanks for the links wiredog. I was shocked to see on the list of books that Ridley wrote "The Pied Piper" on January 1, 1900. He looks so young!

Rich, I confess the reviews make me want to give the books a try. Thanks for the additional impetus! I've got the first chapter on my kindle now.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, Brian. I started exploring many different Scandinavian authors after Stieg Larsson. So far, after Stieg, Nesbo is my favorite.

Rich and Brian, try Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsun. A beautiful novel, though not funny.

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