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September 28, 2011


Now they're using toilets.

(Thanks to Steve Wax)


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guess it kinda burned her a$$....

Key quote about a different incident:
It was like a porcelain hand grenade went off

Porcelain Hand Grenade would not be a good name for a rock band since the concert shirts would result in TSA detention.

...a memo made the rounds in the GSA building, warning people not to flush.

Loathe though I am to say it, apparently the government really can't do s#!t.

[alternate joke: "And you thought DC stunk before now!]

They have to have the HIGH PRESSURE to get rid of all the crap the government puts out. Going to have an occasional explosion. That is the price we pay for electing all these clowns (all parties)

Exploding Toilet & the Mechanical Failure opened for The Doors in '68.

They've raised the alert level to " Brown " .

Somebody's going to need a good donut cushion for a few weeks.

That means Dave you will have to be extra careful.

Thought for sure this article was going to mention Taco Bell somewhere.

Big deal, a sh!tstorm in DC. That's what we call Tuesday.

Most of us older guys seem to have more difficulty with inadequate water pressure.
And why does it seem it's always guvment toilets that explode? I could see it in Congress because hot air expands.

The story headline on AOL was "Toilet Explodes, Lands Woman in Hospital". I thought - wow, that's good aim!

If they stuck to pythons this would never happen.

It figures that the gubmint wouldn't be under the same lame lo-flo restrictions it's mandated for us peons.

This would have been so much better if it had happened at EPA. After all, thanks to EPA and their regulations we now can't buy a toilet that actually works unless you are willing to drive to Canada and smuggle a new one back into the country.

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