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September 21, 2011


Metal-eating 80-year-old retires after choking on bike pedal


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Ed Doherty)


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I'd guess this guy getting braces would be redundant.

yeah, give it to branko, he'll eat anything!
(i'm getting on the bus, yes)

Shouldn't this say "Metal-eating 80-year-old DIES after choking on brake pedal" ?

Probably not since he did not die.

OTOH he would never make it through a TSA screening.

I'd hate to be the doctor doing his colonoscopy. Of course, I'd hate to be doctor doing anyone's colonoscopy.

^ the

and what did he retire from? eating stupid stuff, or some job?

Are they trying to say that Mr Crnogorac is crazy? Did he also eat some vowels out of his name?

Retire, rebrake, rebumper, repedal, rejetliner. Just so many things you can eat again and again and not get start looking for something new, like Mazda sushi.

Well I only have one comment. "THIS GUY IS FREAKING NUTS" now back to your regular comments.

Gee, his article said that he almost died. Do ya think. I guess that it wasn't his time to go yet.

♫♫You can even eat the dishes.♫♫

I guess he can officially be recycled now.

Well, I'm awed at what he can do, but seems that he's pica habit is over now. He's amazing given the fact that that he ate all of those stuff and still managed to survive at 60, he must have a super gut. ☺

**Oops.. I mean 80 yrs old.

His dietary fiber bill must be enormous.
And where do you buy a reinforced toilet?

He'll never need Geritol. Ever.

I hear he has a magnetic personality.

Palate for plates?

♫♫ Hey, Mr. Billy Goat, how are you?

You eat everything in sight, and belong in the zoo! ♫♫

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