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September 21, 2011


Ladies: Come to Thailand and get your breasts slapped

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown and Greg Snow, who says "outsourcing has gone too far.")


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I hear it's similarly possible to enlarge monkeys by spanking them.

No indeed. All I got us was a face slapping.

What I want to know is how to make them smaller (and perkier)....without surgery, obviously. Nobel Prize could be awarded for this one.

Absolutely Coconuts! When I find out who's been slapping my rear end, and causing it to get bigger, they're going to be sorry.

I think the culprit might be Krispy Kreme.

*runs away*

Wire, your face is gonna be so big and fat.

*SMACKS* wiredog. You had to know that was coming didn't you?

Yeah, right.

Doesn't work. I've been slapping myself since I was 12 and it hasn't gotten any bigger.

Layzeeboy, can we assume it was not your breasts you were slapping?

"Ohhhweee, slap your grandma!"
~ Trace Adkins

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