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September 30, 2011


Drunken Fishermen Ram Atomic Submarine

(Thanks to funny man)


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diggity diggity diggity d'oh!

Sometimes an OOPS just doesn't cover it.

How do you overlook a nuclear sub? They're HUGE. At least ours are.
One passed our fishing boat once as we were on the way out of harbor. The bow wave alone just about swamped us.
Most of us were sober but it was early.

"I swear .. it was THIS big, but then it got away!"

The sub had time to radio and fire flares but not to get out of the way? Nuclear subs can go really fast, even on the surface, unlike fishing boats. I sense a captain proving his was bigger.

must've been Earlie in the Morning

Given the Cold War era monitoring and shadowing of Soviet/Russian submarines, I wonder if there is some really funny audio recordings of the event.

Sonorman: Captain, the St. George is preparing to be rammed.
Captain: Did one of our ships go rogue?
Sonorman: From the sound of the signing, it might be a boat of drunk Russian fisherman
... moment of silence ...
... moment of silence ...
... moment of silence ...

(Crackly sound over the headphones)
Russian Fish Boat Captain: Моя жена будет очень и очень сердится на меня, если это не покрывается страховкой.

Didn't Drunken Fishermen open for Amy Winehouse?

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