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September 26, 2011


Patrons mistake ice cream shop mascot for KKK robes


(Thanks to Dan Barr and Mark Schlesinger)


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It looks like an ice cream cone costume to me. If people mistook this costume as KKK he's lucky that he wasn't shot at or something hurled at him.

Next thing you know they'll be saying the Miami Dolphins logo looks like a handgun.

I knew that job sounded too good to be true.

Everyone knows that giant Puerto Rican waffle cones are secret code for racism. The pastel sprinkles are especially damning.

Florida - Dumb as a Bunch of Rocks (and proud of it)

Trying to picture KKK people as " white dollops " . Nope... It's not working.

What's really sad is the guy in the costume used to be a CFO at an international bank.

Conehead with a cone butt.

I like the "accidental" addition of the pickup truck to bring out the blue of the sprinkles. Next time the photographer needs to step it up a notch or two by having the pink of a Mary Kay Escalade and the yellow of the Weinermobile just happen to pass by ...

I scream, you scream ....

If he was gay, would he be a dairy queen?

well, maybe they should have made it chocolate, so that the stupids wouldnt be confusled.

There's got to be a Grand Wizzard/Harry Potter clever pun somewhere......

A handful of idiots confuse an ice cream cone with the KKK and this is news

Yes. It was a real scoop.

When it come to morons, we definitely have the cream of the crop.

+s ^

I can see how someone would mistake him for a GOP presidential candidate, but a KKK member? Nah.

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