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September 27, 2011


On book tour you often do interviews with radio stations from your hotel room. If there are two authors, you have to use two hotel-room phones. Sometimes one of these phones is in the bathroom. So if you're listening to an author being interviewed on the radio, bear in mind that the author might look something like this:



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Was the paper over or under?

At least Ridley has his pants on.

Thank you for signing my towel.

I've always assumed that. Does that make me a bad person?

Where's the ostrich?

I've always assumed that famous authors would have staff in their hotel room bringing them the phone, drinks, food, etc.

that's teh really important question, alias... yeah. inquiring minds wanna know.
an awfully decorated bathroom, too.

Why Ridley has not killed you for taking embarrasing photos or telling exagerated stories about him, I'll never know.

I've examined the toilet paper and it is definitely over. As it should be.

Hotels always put it over, cindy. When we get home we have it the right way (under).

Is that where the sports/betting term "over/under" comes from?

Does that mean Ridley's answers were low-flo?

For once, I agree with Jeffy. UNDER all the way!!

Ridley's hand looks kinda blurry. I don't wanna know what he is doing.

Cindy does.

Come to think of it, Ridleys hand does bring to mind this cartoon from the Orlando Sentinel.

The acoustics are better in the bathroom.

Ridley, you agitating a baster or what? NTTAWWT, just be sure to place it in a Ziplonk baggie 'afore you get on the plane to Naperville tomorrow.

Why is his right hand blurred? And if it's blurred for a reason that makes the Holy Ghost cry how are his pants still on? Ridley's I mean not the Holy Ghost who/what/which I assume does not wear pants. But probably wears some kind of little cape that's really cute and has like holy stuff stenciled on it.

MOTW, if Ridley wants to tell exaggerated stories about Dave, then he should have his OWN blog.

wiredog, after a few minutes the cartoon made sense (they have monkeys on their backs), but at first glance, actully several dozen glances, it appeared to me as though the monkeys were pleasuring themselves, complete with happy ending, and their dangly bits were Perry and Romney. Anybody else or just (never left adolescence) me?

Uh, Layzee? Didn't you just post that on Weingarten's chat?

What Jeff Meyerson said!!!

I thought they were spanking the monkey, too. But then, I don't care for either candidate, so it has nothing to do with adolescence.

I saw it on Weingarten's chat.

'I've always assumed that famous authors would have staff in their hotel room' - nc

looks like ridley's enjoying his staff in the bathroom

Layzee - good thing you clarified that cuz that's what I thought it was too Just you.

i thought it meant the candidates are going head to head

Come (heh) to think of it, at first glance I thought that was what Ridley was doing too.

*OMG Mrs. Layzee better get home from that business trip soon*

eve. love.

Guin, he does. Sadly, most of his stories are not Dave-related, if you can believe that.

And like every good Hitchhiker, Ridley does, in fact, have his towel.

You better treasure that picture. Maybe save it for a museum. A person on a land line phone in a bathroom. Well, no cell phone glued to his ear.

Never mind staff. Apparently their publisher is so cheap they have to share a hotel room!

Ridley, do NOT make this major radio interview/live toilet streaming mistake, as demonstrated by Oklahoma sportscaster Dean "The Stream" Blevins. Be patient when listening. It's worth the wait.

That's what they call, in the industry, a canned interview.

I think Ridley is making chopping motions with his hand because he is planning on either killing Dave or smashing his camera. Or both. Siouxie! I never! Unfortunately.

Judging by the gnarly baster tote in the corner, Ridley is packing a hefty model.

i know, i know, i'm not your real grammaw but i wish i was...'cuz i feel so proud of how hard you and Mr. Pearson work to make good books for my little grandkid to enjoy - Thank you, DAVE!!!

Authors. Constant vanity.

So that cheap economy motel is unacquainted with the concept of speaker phones?

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