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September 22, 2011


Mexico's Bimbo completes purchase of Fargo

(Thanks to funny man)


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I'm willing to admit having purchased a bimbo in Mexico. Fargo? Not so much.

How much did Tiger Woods have to pay out ? Whoa !

What a nice name for a bakery...

Bimbo Bread used to be sold in Texas, I'm not sure if it still is...

The slogan is "If you want a soft Bimbo, you want us!"

Bimbo was also the name of an Republican
elephant who co-starred with Mickey Dolenz (aka Braddock) in "CIRCUS BOY".

Bimbo was an unusally bright and good at spotting
criminal and scum and helping to solve mysteries.
I understand he worked for peanuts.

Watch it, Dave, or Fargo will have to do to you what the next city of any size down the Red River did to you.

Where exactly is that lift station anyway?

Lots of convenience stores around here have Bimbo cakes, which by the way, is NABNFAStripper.

How far will Bimbo go?

Explains why Lileks didn't post a Bleat this morning.

fyi Bimbo is as i understand it sort of in Limbo over it's purchase of the US baker Sara Lee fresh bakery division. afaik Bimbo already owns Entenmens and Brownberry

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