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September 30, 2011


Police in North Carolina said a couple's first date was interrupted when a man accidentally shot himself in a parking garage.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Accidentally shot himself in the parking garage? Is that some sort of euphemism?

I hate it when I injure my parking garage.

Just missed his rotunda.

Premature shooting???? How terrible. There are ways to prevent that.

Better the garage than the ramp, I guess.

"Is that a gun in your pocket or.....oops!"

They went to a parking garage on their first date? I bet it was no accident -- she probably shot him.

A bold gambit I've never seen tried before. Everyone knows if a guy gets shot on a date sympathy sex is mandatory, but shooting yourself is pretty risky.

I told the big baby he would be okay. I applied pressure to his parking garage but he is now half the man he used to be.

They had a first date at Ruth's Chris? He must really like her.
Also, I hate saying "Ruth's Chris"

I thought that was you, cindy.

"Hold my beer and watch this!"

What PP said. What is with that name anyway?

Ruth's Chris is a fancy steak house in Charlotte. I've never been there but I have seen it and it's a nice place to take a date. Most of my dates take me through the drive-thru at McDonald's.

There are Ruth's Chris locations all over, but I don't understand the name. I hear the steaks are excellent, but you will drop at least $100 for dinner for 2, and easily much more.

Pogo --
Depending on his insurance deductible, he probably dropped close to $100 on the ER visit alone.

I sense that Jack Bauer was involved.




From what I understand, Chris Steakhouse in NOLA was very popular. It was bought by Ruth Furtell. She kept the "Chris" to keep the clientele and tacked her ownership on.

Maybe the car shot him.

cindy, there are Ruth's Chris steak houses all over - even one in downtown Brooklyn.

We've never eaten there. I'm waiting for a rich friend to pay.

It probably made an impression, if not a hole. That was either the first or last date. If she's kinky, it was the first.
Note: I once checked the clip and found it empty. Then I racked the slide twice to make sure there were no shells anyplace. I inserted the empty clip into the pistol and casually shot out my windshield.
Now I completely understand when experts advise to treat even an unloaded gun as if it were fully loaded.
I could have shot my parking garage.

it was probly a steakout

You may be right, hogs. The parking garage is adjacent to the thigh....

I'm thinking this is a new twist on the old "be right back" dodge just to get out of a bad date.

"Sure babe, I'm totally in you. Hang on a sec, my glock is calling..."

My friend at work went to a Ruth's Chris steakhouse last month. Salads are extra, a baked potato was $8, and 3 spears of broccoli (Broccoli, Cubby?) was priced at $11!

I think I'll stick to the CostCo hotdog and soda that I had for dinner. $1.62, tax included.

Mmmm. Costco dog. PB, around here the lobbyists congersmen and fatcat govmen either eat at Morton's or Ruth's because they can do it on our dime.

If I paid $11 for 3 pieces of broccoli I would shoot myself in the parking garage too. The most expensive dinner I've had in a while was at a restaurant called Upstream in Charlotte. Fortunately the company I worked for paid for it. I had pecan crusted trout (one very small piece),asparagus (3 spears), chocolate cake and a small (butter ball size) scoop of white chocolate ice-cream. There were five of us and dinner was over $500.00. We all drank tea so no expensive drinks were on the bill. I ended up stopping at McDonald's on the way home because I was still hungry.

"...man's gun, which was in the car, somehow went off and shot the man,'

Somehow went off? Maybe it was a spontaneous peckerectomy.

He was showing off in hopes of getting off.

I was in Charlotte for a convention in June - went to Ruth's Chris. Someone else paid thank goodness. Probably walked right by the parking garage and didn't even notice. Lucky he didn't hit the stick shift.

It was a first date. Perhaps the poor guy (or his gun) was just nervous.

NC Check this place out: The French Laundry in Napa, Ca. Often ranked as the best dining spot in the US. Prix fixe (I know, I know, hold the obvious joke, folks!) at $270 per person.

There is also a 6 month waiting list, and an $85 corkage fee for any wine you bring in yourself.

Me? I drove by this place, once, on the way out of town. I'm amazed I wasn't charged for the view!

The Morton's and Ruth's Chris restaurants in town are most empty except when the legislature is meeting when you have to elbow the lobbyists out of the way to get in to personally bribe your legislator.

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