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September 24, 2011


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the St. Stephen's College Alumni News.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker and Matt Filar)


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The depth of it really doesn't seem as important (or painful) as the fact of it. Nurse Cindy, please advise.

He needs to visit this guy, who, not surprisingly, is a urologist.

They seem to have a good attitude about it, seeing how they're giving the "We're Number Two!" wave.

Okay, I started out expecting to have some sympathy for the guy complaining about the institutional misuse of his appellation. But it turns out he's not even named "St. Stephen's College Alumni Association and Executive." Not even Junior. What a D*ksh*t!

*Dances With DWV* LTNC Mr. danceswithvowels!
Did someone have a medical question? I've examined Mr. D*ksh*t's complaint and I've come to the conclusion that it's probably nothing. But, just in case, we need to run some......tests, Just Some Guy.
btw, did anyone else catch Steve Martin on SNL? Of course I'm still ticked that he cut one of Dave's jokes during the Emmy Awards but he was mildly amusing.

NC! Yes, it's been too long. I thought I ought to check back in, just in case there's some crazy news, like, oh I don't know, let's say a wild rumour gets started that The Blog has written a book. Not that that's very likely, huh?

So how ya been? I've been way too busy ...

He's in over his head.

i cannot believe that mr di!s***t didnt learn that this is not a name to have here in the US. sir: you might want to consider changing it to, oh, say, johnson. oh wait.

in a nation of deserts, beauty is only sandeep

Ahem! My maiden name was Johnson, queensbee. Now I have a much easier 11 letter, dutch last name. I haven't said my last name, without spelling it first, for years. Come back more often danceswithvowels! We've missed you.

If it's Sand-deep, you know it's D*kSh*t!
(play on the Smuckers motto)

Someone get us some shovels!!! Pleaze!!

By the way, today I turn over older, 55 to be exact.

The name (pronounced "dixit") is not uncommon in India. Sheila D****t is a high ranking diplomat in the Indian government, the Chief Minister of Delhi. Here a New Zealand TV newsman has trouble with her name while on the air.

Happy Birthday funny man! I hope you have many more. Of course at your age you just never know. ; )

Happy Birthday, fm. Stay funny, and stay a man. Or whatever works.....

DWV, I third the call for more of your sage observations. You live up to your tag well.

Thanks, Some Guy! May I can you Just?

And Happy Birthday, funny man! Double nickles, eh? I can remember that age like it was, lessee, ... um, counting, carry the pinky, remove shoes, pants, glasses, subtract the deficit ... 3 years ago! I recommend it.

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