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September 28, 2011


At 7 tonight Ridley and I will be strumpeting for The Bridge to Never Land at Anderson's, 123 West Jefferson Avenue in Naperville. We will be raffling off a live alderman.


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I'll open with a bid of a dollar-two-ninety-eight.

Bidder's remorse sets in after the fact as I realize I don't know if the alderman includes accessories, like a prison cell.

I hope you're bringing some global warmening with you. We haven't gotten over 65° for a week. Also, you might do well to pick up a combination ostrich baster/umbrella, because this week we're catching up on all the summer rain we missed ...

Slinks in®

dances, thanks for the heads-up. I've been away from here too long! Miss you all.

I'll try to come -- I'm running low on aldermen.

Slinks out®

dances is right - Aldermen come cheap.

dances, we've been waiting all week (not that we want it, you understand) for you to kick the front and the rain east. We've been having warmer than normal (80) temps and 100% humidity all week.

The cold will arrive behind the front Friday night.

/end weather update

*goes to check for pennies for alderman bid*

Mr. Hoffa advises he is not for sale.

Rentals may be possible.

Is it a Naperville alderman or a Chicago alderman? Not to be picky, but I don't think I'd let a Naperville alderman near my family.

Alas, my family seems to have found my Elvis costume so I'll have to come in regular clothes.

the dead alderpersons, however, still vote.

Here's hoping the giant squirrels show up again as they did last time you two appeared in Naperville.

Wish I could be there tonight as I know it'll be a very fun time, but I've got pneumonia and don't want to get any sicker (nor do I want to make anyone else sick). Enjoy Chicago & safe travels!

Ok, pay attention people. If anyone has too much rain feel more than free to send it to Texas. If we don't get some rain we will soon be forced to drink nothing but beer and then there won't be any left for anyone else anywhere. Just a warning.

Pleeze send pics of any squirrels attending tonight.

Jeff, I'll give you three aldermen if you get the Yankees to beat Tampa today.

Feel better soon tw.

Good Luck. You never come to Michigan. Darn it.

Is Mr. Alderman single?

Cindy wants to know.

from wikipedia:

"The title is derived from the Old English title of ealdorman, literally meaning "elder man", and was used by the chief nobles presiding over shires. that title is derived form the even older english "eel doorman", a guard or gate-keeper at fish hostels or nunneries, charged with denying entry to eels who were considered 'undesireable' as they tended to eat the paying guests."


Note: We're usually referred to as LESSER CHICAGOLAND, for no discernable reason.

Siouxie! I'd also like to know if he's cute.

How much am I offered for Rod Blagojevich?

NotS: our evil plan is working perfectly so far. All we have to do is make sure Tampa Bay & Boston are tied at the end of the night.


Is Bill Ayers " just a guy in that neighborhood " ?

Yes, aldermen are indeed cheaper to buy.

The problem comes in the upkeep. Ask the former owner of the giant bunny, who also last year abandoned her
alderman for the same reasons.

I don't know how much longer His Blogness can keep dancing around the Illinois border without ever setting foot in the civilized land to the north.

Dave and Ripley, there are much higher literacy rates just to the north of Naperville. We buy books AND read them up here.

Sorry Ridley, my old Sigourney Weaver fixation made me mistype your name.

padraig, I'm sure Ridley believes it. Or not.

Not to put too fine a point on it, Padraig, but some small fraction of the Cheesehead literacy is due to my export efforts. She even writes, though you may find it more challenging than the average Onion article.

Gee, thanks dances! I think a couple of blood vessels just ruptured in my brain. Padraig, I thought all they did in Wisconsin was stand around and cut the cheese. I could be wrong.

So dances, you're a psyco farm ecologist?


i cut the cheese toward wisconsin. you know, in their general direction.

and michigan.

@Jeff- How you must be enjoying watching us squirm!

How bout we make it five alderpersons and a police chief.

Not me, NotSherly -- I'm merely the proud dad of one. And I have a tough time proving I'm literate myself, using her papers. I have to ask her for the English translation. Then I can anagram it.

I wonder if Anderson's has any life-size curious to include in the picture.

I made it in and out of Naperville without having to call family for bail money.

I posted the pictures on a service and sent the link to the blog address and Dances with Vowels. We missed Cat R but gained the foremost (and only) DB scholar as one of the regulars. Video of the reading might be available.

Don't toddle around town too much.

Thanks, NMUA. I hope you had fun and that we can see the pics.

Here are the shots I got. I also have several minutes of Dave and Ridley doing a dramatical reading, but it's taking forever to finish.

The pictures that don’t have children’s faces because, well, just because.. The pictures of the children’s faces are actually a lot better than the pictures of the adults’ bald spots, but I don’t have waivers on hand. I think there is a way to send a message via the (insert name brand) if you are one of the parents that was there.

Thanks for the photos, you handsome, hatted people.
I hope Ridley got the punchline right this time.

Okay, the video is ready. See for yourself, NotSherly.

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