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September 21, 2011


Italian parents bring in lawyers to evict 41-year-old stay at home son

(Thanks to Anil Haji and Mark Schlesinger)


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Well, if he has a steady job and income and they don't want him there then he should go. Plain and simple. They shouldn't have to get lawyers. He should just go.

I would have cut the spaghetti strings about 20 years ago. The only way I would still iron his shirt is if he is wearing it at the time.

Mamma: quit doing his laundry and cooking for him. Duh.

If mama is still cooking and doing his laundry for him she should be evicted. Like feeding a stray cat, then you can't get rid of them.

'Lawyers have given the middle-aged man, also unnamed, 10 days to find himself a flat...'

How about they give the poor guy a name first?

that's what happens when you fail to properly embarrass your kids when they are teenagers.

my oldest bolted when she was 18, the other two are crouched at the door, like sprinters in the starting blocks, waiting for that 18th birthday...

He just can't find a girl that cooks and irons like Mom.

They keep feeding and clothing him and doing his laundry - why would he leave?

That's just sad, he'd grown too dependent, they should have taught him to fly a long time ago.

Having known a couple of Italian guys, I'm amazed they found a lawyer to take this case. This guy's a perfectly normal Italian son. Any time they want to catch a fugitive in Italy, they just stake out his mother's place on Sunday night. He WILL be there for dinner.

They're far more afraid of their mothers than they are the carabinieri.

Mama grande should wield her cleaver in his general direction .. after she wields it on his clothes. I agree: stop cooking, cleaning, and doing for him.

I have my own place and do my own cooking, but I don't own an iron.

So my clothes are slightly wrinkled. This man is a loser.

The only reason I do my college-student-son's laundry when he is home is because it is so disgusting I don't trust him to get all the scunge out. By the time he's 41, I'm going to be living in a studio apartment so I assume he'll have found some other place to live by then.

Hey, it could be-a worse! If the lawyers fail, they bring in the Godfather, who can threaten the son and the lawyer, or put out a contract on either or both.

I understand that regarding legal matters, the don is
likely to leave a lawyer's head in your bed, IYKWIM.

How about changing the locks when he's out?

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