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September 30, 2011


Girl swallows necklace hidden in cake

(Thanks to Anil Haji)


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Who in the heck puts a 500 pound necklace in a cake? How did she even pick the cake up to eat it? The doctors should have told him that, like all good things, this too shall pass.

I don't get how you swallow it without knowing that it was in your mouth in the first place.

I doubt she has the stomach for him.

My parents went through a phase when they made us chew every bite 30 times, by actual count. It was supposed to aid digestion or something.
Just about drove us crazy counting and dinner lasted something like two hours.
It sounds like this young lady should chew anything she puts in her mouth, especially if it belongs to this idiot.

"The Girl Who Swallowed the Necklace Hidden in the Cake" sounds like the title of (yet another) a Stieg Larsson book.

Into the cake she eagerly bit,
Swallowing Wang should've spit

Glad it wasn't a choker.

@loudmouth - more likely a pearl necklace

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