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September 23, 2011


Kenya's national army was called to put out an apartment building blaze in Kiambu after TWO failed attempts by two different fire departments--one fire truck had no water and the other fire engine caught on fire.

(Thankas to Charlie Carballo)


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Third time's the charm!

Hey! I brought the water last time! It's your turn!

Remind me to cancel my vacay reservations to Kenya.

"The reporter noted that in Kenya it's fashionable for fire engines to lose water when they really shouldn't and Obama is so unpopular that Kenyans have begun claiming he was born in the United States."

Why would it be "fashionable" for a fire engine to lose water? Does Paris Hilton own one?

Then they went back to the station and drank the special vodka to celebrate a job well-done

Aaakkkk. Spammers go away.

This probably has something to do with producing long distance runners.

Speaking of runners... I have a huge favor to ask the blog guys. Sorry this is o/t but I need your help. I am knitting a pair of slippers for my sweetie for Christmas. Since it's a surprise I can't measure his foot. Do any blog guys wear a size 10 shoe? If you do could you measure around your foot at the instep and let me know what the measurement is? Please? btw, that's the only measurement I need to know. If you answer I promise not to smack you for at least a week. Really. Back o/t.

btw, that's not really B. Clinton asking this. It's me. (Shoot! I blew my cover.)

Ncindy - first it's not wise to to ask guys for measurements. You know we always exaggerate.

Now that's out of the way, my foot is a 9-1/2 wide. I measured 10-1/2 inches. That should be close.

Sorry cindy, but my feet are size 13.

Which foot, nc?

Either foot Meanie. Thank you (((pogo))).

Kenya beat that... ?

From the look of the first fire truck, it couldn't have carried more than a few hundred gallons of water, which doesn't last long; most fire trucks need a good water supply, which can be hard to find in the U.S., much less Kenya. When my house burned, the initial 2000 gallons of water on the trucks did nothing; by the time they got a tanker shuttle and hose lines established 20 minutes later, it was too late. I wonder if Kenyan fire trucks have fire insurance?

I am a proud citizen of rural America and the stories we could tell about our volunteer fire departments would be enough to fill our own blog. Or an episode of Hee-Haw.

When I was working as a paramedic we used to have contests to see how quickly we could get a volunteer firefighter to throw up. I think our best time was 30 seconds. I'm not particularly proud of that. However, my son is a volunteer fireman now and I'm very proud of him.

These guys obviously spent too much time playing with their hoses.

NC: I've worked for more than 20 years with firefighters. As a captain once told me, if you lock a firefighter in a closet with three bowling balls, they will break one, steal one, and lose the last one.

Hey, I was thirrr-sty!!!

So true PB. We would have tried to make the highway patrol guys sick but you can't pry them out of their cars. I would like to add, however, that I truly admire any highway patrol person. Really! Don't give me a ticket.

100% off topic, but very funny if you follow science news:

-We don't allow faster than light neutrinos in h- ere, said the bartender. A neutrino walks into a bar.

-Neutrino. Knock knock.

-Hipsters liked neutrinos before they arrived.

-I wrote a speed of light joke...but a neutrino beat me to it.

-A. To prove particles can travel faster than light Q. Why did the neutrino cross the road?

-I'm going to tweet my neutrino joke yesterday.

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