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September 26, 2011


Here in pig country, the pigs are vanishing.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Key correction:
An earlier version of this article incorrectly quoted Ryan Bode of Rebco Pork. Commenting on 150 missing pigs, he said, "My guess is that they're bacon and pork chops already," not "baking in pork chops."

Maybe pigs can fly. Wheres my umbrella......

"They all look alike" sounds discriminatory to me.

There is nothing lower.

"Baking in pork chops" sounds excellent to me.

"Given sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine" -- Anon

"... despite deadbolts on its doors". ... or, maybe not "thrust" but alien transporters.

Maybe they ended up here.

If the farmer wants his pigs back, he can pick them up after they play Kansas City next Sunday.

...Porky?....Curly?.....Pinky?... *sob*

Hmmmm, bacon.
Reminds me of a friend who knew the only Jewish family in his little town in eastern Kentucky.
The mother told my friend she was afraid she was losing her Jewish identity.
Why? he asked.
"Because my daughter can't wait for Santa and my son loves bacon."

Rasher Shanah. The Jewish New Bacon celebration. (sorry)

Hangin', saltin' and curin' is too good a punishment fer a ham rustler.

O'er the ham parts....

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