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September 22, 2011


How much breast milk will it take to nourish a grown man? How many days can a grown man life off breast milk comfortably?

(Thanks to Lani)


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Many things should be left unwritten and this person has touched on most of them.

You left off part of the headline, Dave...
Should have been:

Don't have a cow, man. Be one.


Don't have a cow? Milk her instead...

I completely agree Cheesewiz. Nut.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?


I thought you couldn't top those guys who put on diapers and lay around like babies on the freak pyramid, but this guy is definitely a contender

I wonder if he uses "Got Milk?" as a pick up line.

I have clicked on the comments a few times but I cannot bear to actually read the article. After witnessing pretty much everything else in life, this falls into the category of "things I do not wish to read or know".


Nice word, Loudmouth!

Today, I also heard the term "nonversation", which apparently is what you end up with when the other person isn't paying attention to what you are saying.

Those Hogan products sound great. I have various require and need help to make greatest cost.

The "Containers" are cute, but breast milk tastes GROSS!

Lady, when your kid can order from the menu, it's time to wean him.

I want a globe manufactured by Hogan. My old Replogle is sort of tired.


Hmm, I wonder what those spammers get paid? I am retiring soon and could use a little extra income for what seems to take no brains to do.

I respectfully have to disagree with you, MlkeyVA. It does not taste gross, based on my rather limited sampling. But, you can't have it bottled -- it has to be draft.

the page i got said the blog was removed. a tad controversial, ya think?

Babies disagree with you, Mikey.

OK, now that Hogan has been transmogrified, comments related to it are going to make no sense at all.

I hope Dave posts something new soon. I think we've milked this subject for all it's worth.

elon and 9

babies also eat poop and dog food. :)

Mikey, babies can also call the police! My one year old granddaughter learned yesterday that if you push the panic button on the security alarm key fob the police will come to your house. My daughter was trying to explain to them that everything was okay and Reagan was standing behind them yelling, "Hey!" over and over.

All I'm saying is that when I tried it, it tasted like a thin vanilla milk shake to me.

It may be that your sample wasn't as fresh, or that the supplier had eaten something which added an off flavor. I have heard that can happen with other precious bodily fluids.

9 - your first name isn't 6, is it?

Y'know, what this is going to really come down to, is whether it's more economical to buy a cow or hire a full time live-in nursemaid. It's PURE ECONOMICS, ladies!

"Olga, you can put your things in the bedroom next to mine. Try to get some rest before my 2 am feeding, ok?"

*SMACKS* padraig.

I'm still working on how to get milk shakes.

Olga, that is going in your performance review!

Overrated, Meanie; you just end up with a yard full of boys. Or so the song goes.

Further questions ...

How many days can a grown man life off ...

Who really wants to life off these days?

... comfortably?

Odd adverb, Ray! "It's an unusual way to life, but I'm comfortably situated."

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