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September 21, 2011


Australian mega-brothel scotched

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Hmmm. I never knew that about Sydney. Somehow they never mention it in the ads on TV.

But the REASON is the killer--because it would unfairly compete with the existing small independent brothels! Stretching the metaphor to massive length and girth, it would become the Wal-Mart of Willy World...

...and creating a wing for group bookings...

Really? Oh, my.

They wanted to create a room for group boinkings

Now I wonder what movie stars, sports people and rock bands go there? Inquiring minds want to know.

but we have a policy of anti-clustering, spreading them out.

Yeah, the brothel has a spreading them out policy, too.


@layzee - i guess they want to avoid a cluster f*ck

I was doing an investigation with an older inspector once.
We came upon a truly impressive pile of empty sloe gin bottles. I was puzzled but the other guy said, "You've got a (house of ill repute) around here. They usually serve this stuff".
For some reason, he wouldn't explain how he'd come by this knowledge.
About six months later, a large boot store in a rural area of the next county over was raided for prostitution. It was about two miles from the dump we'd investigated.
To make things worse, I'd been to the boot shop. All I saw was that all the shoes and boots were pre-worn and the clerks were all fairly attractive young women.
Don't call me Sherlock.

Isn't down under and brothel somewhat redundant?

Isn't language funny? The headline "Scots Mega-brothel Australianed" would make no sense at all, whereas of course, this one is crystal clear.

Watch it Sherlock. I like Sloe Gin. Especially with Seven-Up. You have to hand it to Alan @ Division. He always finds the most interesting international stories. If you do hand it to him be sure to wash your hands after you're done, iykwim.

Why would a brothel have pool tables? Is there something my innocent mind is missing here?

I kept reading 'scortched'. That would be some hot sex. Instead this sounds like a sex factory. What ever happened to whore romance??


Elon--it has to do with "nice racks"...

! really hope the "Food Court" is getting checked by the city on a regular basis.

Yeah, I used to like sloe gin and sprite but I have plebeian tastes.
It's not a sin to like sloe gin. But this pile of bottles was more akin to Mt. Glass. Only sloe gin bottles. No food cans or bottles.
Somebody was buying gin by the truckload.
(Is sloe gin gin? It doesn't taste anything like terpen...gin).
The issue was never sloe gin. It was sloe gin in mass quantities-like a Conehead.

Ginning up a rye wry story about scotching a brothel. That's got the liquor covered. I'll wager there's a card game pun malingering somewhere out back ...

... "retail space" ...

Also, *snork* @ sandy's clustering.

So the only thing rising in these places is the rent?

As for the card game, it's obviously not a full house.

Gotta go, I'm feeling a little flush right now.

Let me see if I grasp this correctly:

They want a bigger bordello in the shopping mall, but the city council said it was not going to approve the expansion. Apparently the mall cathouse does alright as it is, according to the city. "Stilleto" is a clever name for a shoe bar sex store.

They were probably concerned about the price hikes, making it to expansive for some councilmen to use.

More hos than a garden supply store.

Sounds like they want to build the Whorehouse Mall of America.

I remember when it used to be the Student Prince Hotel (it's opposite Sydney University).

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