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September 27, 2011


A 78-year-old woman famous for streaking on an airline information video has rescued a man who fell into a creek he was trying to urinate in.

(Thanks to Kaffy)


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did he want to be rescued?

Kaffy! How are you?

So, even Down Under alcohol appears to have been involved.

Here is the Air New Zealand safety video with the streaking granny.

I wish ours were as entertaining.

That's a pretty good video.

Nice to know her fame didn't just trickle away.

So if Mr. Officer became a policeman, he'd be Officer Officer?

I'd nip back into my seat anytime for that one pilot. Wow!

Too bad our airline safety videos aren't this inventive, might stop the cases of calling the cops to remove a jerk who wouldn't shut off his cell phone as delayed a flight here recently. That merely delayed a whole planeload of people.

To pee or not to pee, that was the question.

I must be going blind because I didn't understand but every third word in the written story. They really needed those HUNKY KIWIs to tell it to me. (I dated a Kiwi back 100 years ago, and they are worth every nip!)

Guess the guy they saved was a kiweewee.

Good thing Miss Kaffy was there to save the day!

"What's your name, sir?"

"Russell Officer"

"And what's your last name, sir?"

"I told you, Officer!"

(Sound of Taser charging)

Crouch, touch and brace?

Sorry, I'm in the wrong bar!

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